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Maroon and Gold Dollars - Downtown


  • $25 Minimum Required
  • Use at any of our dining locations
Maroon & Gold Dollars can be used at any Sun Devil Dining location during operating business hours. Make sure you have what you need to buy what you want!

Buy $100 – $200 ... get a 5% Bonus
Buy $201 – $300 ... get a 10% Bonus
Buy $301 – $400 ... get a 15% Bonus
Buy $401 or more ... get a 20% Bonus

Bonus dollars are put on a separate bonus card. Bonus cards can be picked up in person at the following locations: Tempe - Dining Office, Memorial Union, Office 138; Downtown - Taylor Place Dining Hall, West - Verde Dining Pavilion, Polytechnic - Citrus Dining Pavilion. Please visit a cashier or manager at each of these locations Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. All sales are final.

Maroon and Gold Dollars purchased online after 5 PM Mountain Standard Time will be activated on the next business day. M&G Dollars purchased over the weekend and /or public holiday will be activated on the next business day. For further information please contact the dining office at 480-727-3463.