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All funds and plans purchased for use at Sun Devil Dining locations are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable. Sun Devil Dining funds and plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate. Except as otherwise expressly stated in these terms, all Sun Devil Dining funds and plans are non-refundable and will expire on the last day of the current semester or the last day of enrollment/employment.


Welcome Back Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions


Unused Meals and Maroon & Gold Dollar balance:

  • For Mandatory Resident students who have purchased a meal plan using MyASU Housing Portal, unused M&G dollars will transfer from Fall to Spring semester and expire at the conclusion of the Summer session.
  • For Voluntary/Commuter students who have purchased a meal plan using Campus Dish, unused M&G will transfer each semester until the student graduates from the University.
  • Meals do NOT transfer from semester to semester and will expire on the last day of each semester.
  • Unused M&G Dollars are forfeited if there is no use on the account for more than 6 months.
  • Mandatory students will be automatically opted in for a meal plan for the Spring semester. Students wishing to change their meal plan must do so in the MyASU Housing Portal prior to the meal plan change deadline.


    Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Food may not be taken out of any All-You-Care-to-Eat dining hall. These locations include: Hassayampa Dining Center, Pitchforks, Manzanita Dining Center, Barrett Dining Center, Citrus Dining Pavilion, and Verde Dining Pavilion. Food may be taken to-go at Taylor Place Residential Dining Hall in an approved container issued by Sun Devil Dining.
  • Guest Meals are not additional meals. These are simply the number of meal swipes included in your meal plan that can be used for someone other than the owner of the meal plan. Guest Meals are allotted per semester, and deducted from the overall weekly total.
  • Meal Exchange can be used once per day at Sun Devil Dining convenience store locations. These locations include: Sonora Market, Palo Verde Market, Outta Here, Poly Marketplace, West Campus P.O.D Market., Taylor Marketplace, and Hassayampa P.O.D. Market. Meal exchange is not available at the Memorial Union P.O.D. Market. 

Refund Policy:

All website purchases are considered to be final. Exceptions will be made for processing errors. All refunds for processing errors will be refunded to the credit card used for the purchase.